Taking inspiration from the hugely popular entrepreneur TV programme, this event has teams competing in some fun quick fire business-related challenges before taking to the town to complete the famous buying task, against the clock – The difference here is that all items purchased are then donated to a homeless charity.

After a fun warm-up/ice breaker from our Event Host, the mood then changes to one of dramatic tension as our top business tycoon, Sir Terence, enters the room.

Straight talking Sir Terrence, will waste no time in putting the teams through their paces as they compete head to head with several short, fun based Sales & Marketing challenges involving ingenuity, acumen and a bucket load of enthusiasm. But beware Sir Terrence will have no problem in voicing his opinions and exposing the potential prodigies from the flakey phonies!

Once the teams have survived this initiation process (laughter is a good healer) and points have been awarded (and deducted) accordingly, Sir Terrence will prepare the teams for the ultimate Sales challenge.

Each team will be given a cash budget and an important ‘practical’ list of goods to purchase.

The team that returns in the allocated time with all the goods, plus the most impressive ‘star buy’ will be the winners…and be Hired and not Fired.

All the goods purchased will then be delivered to a Homeless Charity of your choice.

Apprentice Buying Power is hugely entertaining whilst offering multiple learning outcomes.

  • Challenge Type: Creative – Collaborative – Fun Competition – Donation Event
  • Duration: 2.5-3hrs
  • Setting: Indoor & Outdoor
  • Event Fee: £1,950- for up to 40 people taking part. For groups above 40 there will be a charge of £35 per person.
  • Donation Event: Head to the FAQS to find out how our donation events work.