A fun, collaborative event that even has therapeutic qualities. Groups paint on individual canvasses and when put together, produce one large impressive piece of art – and hidden in the process lies a bigger message.

After a fun Ice breaker/warm up from our Event Host, the clients are put into groups (between 4-8 people) and seated at tables.

Each group are then handed the necessary art materials including brushes, aprons, table coverings, water-based paints and one canvas per person.

Our event crew will then hand out a small printed image for each person to replicate and paint upon their canvas. Each image will be different but connected to the next, so it’s important there is clear communication within – and between the different groups.

Everyone will then be given a time in which to complete the painting of their images. At the end each person will be asked to place their completed canvas one at a time, upon our large display wall, in an order set by the Host.

As the canvases come together, like a giant jigsaw, a bigger picture will emerge creating one impressive, unified picture.

To add to this, the process actually mimics the stages of working within a successful company, which are;

You apply yourself individually at first.

Then by collaborating with your department colleagues you create positive action.

Then with good communication with other departments, you create a successful outcome for your company.

The completed art is then gifted to the client.  It is quite often displayed within the company building as a reminder of what the collaboration process can achieve.

The chosen image is pre-determined by us and the client before the event. This can be inspired by a particular theme, slogan or company name and logo.  

Even if you are not artistic in the slightest, it is guaranteed to give fulfilment to all involved (…as well as releasing your inner Banksy).

Key Benefits: Creative – Cohesive – Brand Message – Visual Spectacle

12- 200 plus

Event Fee: – £1,750 – for up to 40 people taking part. For groups above 40 there will be a charge of £25 per person.

Duration: 2 – 2.5hrs