Unleash your secret talents behind and in-front of the camera (or both) as you and your team produce an entertaining
(…trust us, it will be) short film, commercial or movie-style trailer.

The film maker challenge is by far the most creative of events and there is usually a role for every type of personality and skillset. The final films are always hugely entertaining and can be enjoyed time and again.

Once the theme of the film has been given (this could involve key elements of your business) each team will delegate members of the group into various departments of the production e.g. script, art dept, camera crew and of course acting talent.

Whilst the group is devising the script, the camera crew will be run through the basics of the very simple filming and editing programme by our events’ team.

Our Events team have professional acting and filmmaking backgrounds and are more than happy to share their inside information
(…and obviously some A list gossip).

Then armed with iPad, mic, tripod and props, each team will scout the venue/office for the best locations and filming will begin. Towards the end of the allocated filming time, teams will be given a short period to finesse their mini-blockbusters with effects, music, titles and voice-overs.
Then it’s showtime, as each film is premiered.

 Challenge Type: Creative – Collaborative – Hidden Talent – Visual Spectacle

Duration: 2.5 – 3hrs

Setting: Indoor (with use of Outdoor location if weather permits)

Event Fee: £1,750- for up to 40 people taking part. For groups above 40 there will be a charge of £35 per person.