In Brief

A simple but effective construction challenge, that requires clear communication and collaboration within and/or between teams…against the clock.

How It Works

How It Works

Each team has to build a single sloping rollercoaster style track (from materials provided) which must take the weight of a rolling load (small football/basketball).

The ball must successfully travel down and along the track, covering a set distance and reaching a target set by our Host.

The event can either run with the teams in a head to head competition (better for small groups) or they can all work together creating one impressively large track with each team’s ball independently setting off the next with a series of free rolling chain reactions.

**Add to the experience – You can also make this a donation event by including non-perishable food items such as tinned food and boxes of cereal to help with the design and construction of each track.

After the event, the food will be carefully packed away and taken to a local  or charity of your choosing.

Rollercoaster is a timeless team building event that never fails to impress and entertain in equal measure.

  • Challenge Type: Creative – Collaborative – Fun Competition – Donation Event
  • Duration: 2.5 – 3hrs
  • Setting: Indoor & Outdoor
  • Space required: Approx 3m x 2m per team (preferably a level surface)
  • Event Fee: £1,950- for up to 40 people taking part. For groups above 40 there will be a charge of £35 per person.
  • Donation Event: Head to the FAQS to find out how our donation events work.