The Stellar performance series of ice breakers has been especially created from our many years of experience delivering Drama workshops to students, amateur & professional actors.

A culmination of fun drama activities and games which very quickly help to build confidence, focus the mind, trust, free creative thinking & infuse energy.
Examples include;

What’s in a name?

Remembering someone’s name and repeating it back to them makes them feel important, valued, and seen. It also helps build a bond creates respect and strengthens the relationship you have.
This session consists of quick fire activities to help participants learn each other’s names as well as a introduction to them as a person. Ideal for delegates who have never met or worked together before.

Creative thinking

Creative thinking is a great skill to develop and enhance, to find new ways to carry out tasks, solve problems, and meet challenges.
Here will be tapping into some of the practices and exercises used by practitioners in the creative industries.


It’s important to promote trust in the workplace. It positively impacts retention, collaboration, and performance.
This session will have delegates working together to firstly make them feel safe with each other, develop team cooperation and communication, whilst bonding & building trust.

  • Duration: 1.5 hr
  • Participants: 12-200+
  • Event Fee: £850 for up to 50 people taking part. For groups above 50 people there will be a charge of £10 per person