Everyone loves a quiz, especially when they are entertaining, interactive and most importantly, outrageous fun.
This is a great addition to a formal affair (during or after dinner) or a more casual, social event held in a separate area of the workspace, function room or a local pub.

Groups are split into equal Team sizes (usually between 4 – 8 people per team) with each team inventing a unique team name.
Our hosts with the most will then present the quiz aided by a PA system, screen and a sizable sense of humour.

The Ultimate Quiz consists of a party sized mix-bag of rounds and topics from General knowledge and word play to the world of Entertainment.
It will include our unique spin on TV classics such as The Generation Game & Saturday Night Takeaway as well as our very own Mini-Me section
– which will evoke cherished and sometimes embarrassing memories of the shows we loved when we were kids.

Bonus points will be available to those brave enough to show their hidden talents (so brush up on your party tricks)

Our Ultimate Quiz Show offers the best in quiz entertainment that is guaranteed to lift your spirit and put a smile on your face and who knows you may even learn something new!

To round off your celebrations add

 perfect for all celebrations

We have professional Party DJ’s and Karaoke Hosts that will guarantee you have a party night to remember.

Challenge Type: Creative – Collaborative – Fun Competition – Donation Event

Duration: 2.5 – 3hrs

Setting: Indoor 

Event Fee: £1,750- for up to 40 people taking part. For groups above 40 there will be a charge of £20 per person.